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    • An extra warranty offered by us can never affect the statutory rights and claims you can make against us under the contract if we failed to fulfill our part of the contract.. 
    • An additional guarantee is defined as any commitment by us that grants you rights or claims, in addition to what is prescribed by law, in the event that we fail to fulfill our part of the contract.
  • THIS WARRANTY AGREEMENT ONLY APPLIES to the sale of toilet solutions and other products in new condition. 
    • For consumers, the warranty commitment runs from 2 to 10 years from the original delivery date, please see the warranty period for your particular product.
    • For incineration toilets, the following warranty period applies to certain wear / consumption details:
      • Element 1 year,
      • Ash pan 2 years
      • Termogivare 2 years
    • The warranty period of 6 months applies to spare part products.
    • If the product is used in business operations, the warranty commitment is valid for 1 year from the original delivery date, regardless of the product.
  • UNDER THE CONDITION THAT the product has been installed and used correctly in accordance with it´s specifications, characteristics and appication area.
    • And that the claim contains following:
      • Installation verifed with pictures
      • All the information mentioned in the claim report is correctly provided
      • Delivery date was confirmed by a purchase receipt.
    • Separett AB undertakes in the event of a malfunction or damage to the product, except in cases specified in the following paragraph about the manufacturer's responsibility reimburses the costs of work and materials, provided that the repair is performed by the manufacturer or an authorized service partner.
    • Buyer undertakes to notify the seller or the manufacturer within a reasonable time of the malfunction or damage being discovered
    • Buyer must then, after contact with the service partner, take care of transport to the service workshop or alternatively account for any costs and risks associated with this.
  • TO REPAIR THE PROBLEM THE BUYER SHOULD submits the product to the manufacturer or to the service partner appointed by the manufacturer.
    • The correction of identified defects takes place within a reasonable time from the time the buyer reported the defect and transported the product to the manufacturer or service partner appointed by the manufacturer.
    • What is considered a reasonable time depends, among other things, on the buyer's need for the product, access to spare parts and workshop capacity of the service partner.
    • If on-site warranty service is performed, all travel costs are covered by the customer as Separett does not apply "on-site service".
    • Normal wear, normal corrosion or defects in surface layers that do not affect the function of the product.
    • Damage caused by incorrect installation or incorrect handling / use,
    • Accidents, e.g. errors due to lightning strike. ◦
    • Service / repair performed by a service partner other than the manufacturer,
    • Original parts not used,
    • Use of the product continued after a fault was detected,
    • The product has been used more intensively than is compatible with the manufacturer's recommendations,
    • The product has not been used with normal care
    • The product has not had service and maintenance according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Transport damage, possibly transport damage must be reported to the transport company.
    • Damage or other abnormal external impact
    • The manufacturer reserves the right to make a professional judgment regarding any warranty measure.
    • The manufacturer undertakes to specify a cost proposal to remedy this.


  • DISPUTES concerning the interpretation of this guarantee agreement, the parties shall primarily try to settle by agreement
    • If an agreement can´t be reached, a dispute must be finally resolved through a simplified arbitration procedure at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.
    • Separett AB complies with the recommendations of the General Complaints Board in the event of a dispute.