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For more than 40 years we've designed toilets that aren't limited by water and/or sewage. Decentralized toilet solutions for almost any aspect of life and geographical area

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Separett - waterless toilets

We provide toilet solutions to make life more comfortable for all. Well designed, user friendly and easy to maintain

Our products

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Separett Villa 9215

Our most sold waterless toilet

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Save your water for something more valuable - World Water Day 2020 💧


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Reduce Your Footprint with Tiny House Living - by Kylee Mason


Choosing a tiny house as opposed to a larger one is not just an aesthetic, it’s a smart financial choice. Around 68% of tiny homeowners do not have a mortgage because the prices are so low, according to Marko Rubel, a real estate investment expert. Beyond mortgage savings, water conservation plays a big role when transitioning into a tiny home. In this vein, what benefits can you reap regarding tiny house living and water conservation features?

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Camp Kiattua on Greenland


In the Nuuk fjord 80 km from the city of Nuuk, Camp Kiattua is located. A camp hotel surrounded by astonishing nature. KIATTUA is an Inuit word and means "the warm place", which maybe is called just so because you get warm in both body and soul by experiencing this magical place.

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Separett Brochure 2020


It's here - our product brochure 2020 ✨

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Collaboration with Treesign tiny homes of sweden

We have now started a collaboration with Treesign Tiny homes of Sweden.

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