Our story

1987 was a special year for me. Nelson Piquet
win the Formula 1 World Championship for Williams-
Honda stables and I take as a 22-year-old over
the Separett AB. Something I did not have the qualifications
nor the experience for. We sold in a small
scale using Sweden as a market an ”eco toilet” that
evaporated the liquid from the remaining waste and
this was then the latest technology on the market.

Now it’s been 30 years and a lot has happened since then. Today, we develop and sell various
types of toilet solutions that do not depend on water or sewage. From the simplest solutions to
some of the most advanced toilet solutions on the market. A large portion of our sales are currently
to export markets and innovation and confidence in the company has never been greater.

Mikael Billsund, CEO Separett AB

Mikael Billsund, CEO Separett AB

In the US, the latest ”Tiny house movement” created a lot of interest for our toilet solutions and especially for our 12V models that can run on a combination of batteries and solar cells. The
desire to get away and find peace and harmony in a secluded spot has never been greater - I am proud that our toilet solutions can help with comfort in this freedom.

The lack of an adequate and hygienic toilet solution is a health hazard for the majority of the earth’s population. In addition to develop and sell solutions toilet, Separetts passion is also to
help these people to improve quality of life. We, along with other organizations, government such as private, are contributing our knowledge and toilet solutions for that very purpose - to
improve the quality of life. Just in the moment of writing we run projects at several locations in South America and has previously helped with our toilet solutions to projects in virtually all continents. We have accomplished much in the last 30 years, but these are the projects I am perhaps most proud of. We see a huge future for the types of toilet solutions we represent and develop and we have decided to participate to create conditions for a green and sustainable environment with a higher quality of life for present and future generations.

By choosing a toilet solution from Separett you contribute to a better world. Welcome to join us!