Who are we?

We provide toilet solutions to make Life more comfortable for all

For more than 40 years Separett has designed toilet solutions to meet your demands for comfort and quality. Wherever the toilet is installed it will provide the same comfort when you are at your cottage and “of the grid” that you have at home.

We continously develop and improve our toilets solutions in regard of simplicity, design and user friendliness. That is the main reason that you’ll find our toilets everywhere in the World and in every climate from the coldest places in Greenland to the hottest in Africa.

The family owned Company Separett was founded in 1976 and is today a leading manufacturers of urine diverting toilet systems. The Company has it base in Värnamo, Sweden where manufacturing and development takes place in a state of the art factory with highly trained and motivated staff.

Quality, effieciency and user friendliness is the guidlines for Everything that we do and our partners and retailers are chosen with care. In all that we do we are inspired by a vision to contribute to a green and healthy Environment for this generation and coming genereation.

The result is well desined toilets that meets the highest demands in function, quality and Environment. Everything to ensure comfort in everyday Life.