Long time storage

Long term storage urine-separating toilets

Should you leave for a long time or close your holiday home for the winter, you should clean your urine-separating toilet thoroughly.For cleaning of your urine-separating toilet we recommend our cleaning kit for urine-separating toilets containing:

Cleaner, drain cleaners, brush, celaning cloth, and rubber gloves. 

Before you start with the cleaning: Lift the waste container out of the toilet and turn off the fan.

1. Cleaning of the toilet and the waste container

Empty the container of the solid waste, rinse with water and clean thoroughly with the cleaner.
Clean the toilet inside and outside with the cleaner, cloth and use the brush if necessary.

2. Cleaning of the urine hose

Flush the urine pipe and the urine hose with water. This can also be done before taking the toilet in to use after a longer time.

If the urine pipe or urine hose should be clogged there are found as spare parts at our resellers.

3. Cleaning of the ejektortank

Empty and clean the ejektortank thoroughly by flushing the tank and hose with plenty of water.

The ejektortank should not be used or stored outside in wintertime because the ejector nozzle, where water and urine are mixed, may otherwise freeze.