Long time storage

Long term storage incinerating toilet

Should you leave for a long time or close your holiday home for the winter, you should clean your incinerating toilet thoroughly and also disconnecting it from the ventilation pipe.
To clean your combustion toilet, we recommend our cleaning kit for incinerating toilets containing:
Cleaning / Polishing for stainless steel, polishing cloth, brush, cleaning cloth, cleaning pad, rubber gloves and 2 pcs steel balls.

1. Cleaning the ash pan

1. Take the ash pan out and empty it.
2. Pour 1 litre of water into the ash pan.
3. Place the ash pan back in to the toilet.
4. Run the big program.

2. Before you start cleaning

1. Unplug the power cord.
2. Turn off both the power switches (otherwise there is a risk of the battery discharging).
3. Pull the toilet out a little from the ventilation pipe.
4. Plug the outgoing ventilation pipe to keep moisture and cold air out to prevent

3. Celaning ventilation pipe

Cleaning the ventilation pipes is easily done with an ordinary toilet brush once a year.
Brush as far as you can reach.

4. Cleaning the smoke pipe

The smoke pipe is easy to clean with the steel brush supplied with the delivery.
To ensure that you brush sufficiently in the pipe you should press and turn the brush into the pipe until the handle is
almost at its opening. Vacuum any sot or dust from the pipe


5. Cleaning the toilet bowl

Clean the toilet bowl as required. Use a slightly damp cloth and preferably treat it afterwards with stainless steel cleaner.
It creates a slippery surface that is dirt repellent and let the bag slids easier into the incinerating chamber.