Long-term storage

Long term storage incinerating toilet

If you are going to be away for a substantial period or shut your holiday home for the winter, you should consider cleaning your incinerating toilet thoroughly and also disconnecting it from the ventilation pipe. To clean your incinerating toilet we recommend our cleaning kit for incinerating toilets which contains: 
Cleaning / Polishing for stainless steel, polishing cloth, brush, cleaning cloth, cleaning pad, rubber gloves and 2 x steel balls.

1. Cleaning the ash pan

1. Remove and empty the ash pan. 
2. Then pour 1 litre of water directly in the ash pan (no bag). 
3. Replace the ash pan in the toilet.
4. Run a major program.

Deposits in the pan then loosen more easily and the steam which runs through the toilet and the ventilation pipe facilitates cleaning of the entire toilet.

2. Before you clean the toilet

1. Remove the power cable from the wall.
2. Turn off both the switches (otherwise there is a risk of the battery discharging).
3. Pull the toilet a small distance away from the ventilation pipe. 
4. Block the ventilation pipe. The toilet is then protected from moisture that can permeate in and damage the electrical components in the toilet and cold air is not let into the room.

3. Cleaning the ventilation and exhaust air pipe 

Ventilation and exhaust air pipe is simple to clean with an ordinary toilet brush. Brush as far you can reach.

4. Cleaning flue

Sweep/clean the flue with the brush supplied through the sleeve coupling at the rear of the toilet. Vacuum up soot and dust that loosens in the flue. Note. To ensure that you have brushed sufficiently far, turn and press the brush in so that the handle is almost at the pipe's opening. The smoke pipe is easy to clean with the steel brush supplied with the delivery.
To ensure that you brush sufficiently in the pipe you should press and turn the brush into the pipe until the handle is
almost at its opening. Vacuum any sot or dust from the pipe


5. Cleaning the toilet bowl

For the toilet bowl to maintain its shiny surface, it needs to be cleaned at regular intervals with a damp cloth and finished with a polish for stainless surfaces. This ensures that dirt is not deposited so easily and that the bag slides more easily down into the combustion chamber.