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Urine diverting toilet Villa® 9000


Unlimited numbers of users
Works in all temperatures
5 year warranty
Concealing view screen

Separett Villa® is a urine separating toilet that with its simplicity and unlimited capacity offers a carefree and simple solution for any type of cottage, house or Tiny house.

The Villa® can be placed in both varm and cold spaces and handles sporadic use just as well ascontinuously use. Its therefore suitable for all types of living.

The separation of the urine and the solid waste reduces both smell and volume that needs to be handled giving you a hygienic and carefree toilet. The material mimics porcelain in apperance making it very easy to clean. In design, comfort and quality it very much corresponds to a normal WC.

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Product data
1,7 meters with grounded plug
Effect modes
Energy consumption
0,396 kWh/24/h (power mode 2) 0,276 kWh/24/h (power mode 1)
54.1 cm
67.2 cm
Recyclable high-polish polypropylene
Max load
150 kg
Noise level
41 dB (power mode 2) 31 dB (power mode 1)
Package size
L:77 W:47 H:66 cm
Total effect
16.5W (power mode 2) 11W (power mode 1)
230 V
45.6 cm

Separett Villa® has no requirement of room temperature and works just as well in both cold and hot spaces. The requirement is that it is possible to lead off the urine and fit a pipe for ventilation. Supplied complete for alternative 1.

Villa® 9000 can be installed with up to 10 meter ventilation pipe and 4 x 90 ° bends. Ventilation can be through walls or ceiling, for example up in the attic and out through a suitable side of the house. If there is piping for ventilation from a previous toilet installation the toilet can be connected to the duct. Villa® 9000 is fitted with a condensation collector and requires no insulation of
the ventilation pipe.


Ventilation out: Ø75 mm.
Urine run-off: Ø32 mm