Roslagskomposten 1 x 500L


3 year warranty
Weather proof

The large volume of 500 liter makes Roslagskomposten suitable for combined composting of household and human waste at holiday properties. For composting household waste at permanent residences, it can deal with the waste of up to 5 people.

We recommend 2 containers that are used alternately. Before use, a rich layer of peat mould or other suitable litter is added to the bottom.
In order to prevent the compost from becoming too wet, further litter can be added. Once container 1 is 2/3 full, container 2 is taken into use. Container 1 will now be left to compost for 6 months so that the contents are transformed into nutritious and odourless compost for use in gardens. Roslagskomposten is manufactured from recyclable polythene, with a lid of galvanised steel. The compost is easy to empty. The dry, finished compost is light, dry and odourless. Roslagskomposten is approved in several municipalities. Contact the municipal environmental and public health office for a licence. Composting means that you can save money by eliminating the need for latrines to be collected and/or reducing refuse collection charges.

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