Wolf Hollow - A unique off the grid camping experience

Gary is building a catered camping experience in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. A retreat for exploring the beauty of nature, the sounds, the trees, rippling water, the fresh air and the silence.

At the moment there is only one tent and The second one is just waiting on furniture and there will be a third next spring. 

The tent has everything you need. The only thing you need to do is enjoy the nature and its beauty.


The tent is 12x14 ft with windows, comfortable beds and a wood burning stove.
Here you can relax and let the nature nurture you as you enjoy and explore all that it brings.
You can even birng you laptop, if you have to  ;)



You can enjoy a wonderful outdoor loo. A loo with our Villa toilet which is powered by solar. A perfect invoromental friendly choice when you are off the grid. And it´s just as comfortable as a regular WC. And no notable smell! It even smells less than a regular WC. So no worries there ;)

The toilet structure has a clear polycarbonate roof to allow natural daylight. There is a motion sensor light for nighttime use. So if you worry that the dark will stop you for doing "your needs", you don´t have to ;)

All waste is composted using an Envirocycle bin. And the natural cycle continues and contributes to a sustainable world. And as you spend time and enjoy the invoroment you also bring something back to it. Great isn´t it?

Take a refreshing shower in the outdoor shower.



Relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Enjoy the sounds, the wind in the trees, the rippling water, take a bath in the waterfalls.

Just imagine and take in all that nature brings and remember to take it home with you. 
Nature is an invaluable treasure that becomes more fragile by the moment. 


Read more about the Wolf Hollow Camp at www.wolfhollowcamp.com 
and follow them on instagram @wolfhollowcamp

More information about the Separett Villa at Urine diverting toilets