Helena och Nils renovation of Björkhaga

A perfect place for a Separett Villa toilet. A house from 1938 that hasn´t got any love for many many years. But in May of this year, Björkhaga finally got new owners, Helena and Nils, who fell in love with the house and will give it just the love it needs and deserves.

The renovation began as soon as the contract was signed.

The house is timbered and dressed plank by plank. A lush garden and a plot of 1300 sqm. Much needs to be replaced and put it´s personal touch to.

As they themselves write on their instagram account:
"Dear house, I will love you, hate you and all your flaws (which we will fix in due time)!"

But much of the old can also be kept as it is ore be restored.
Like for example. the charming old wallpapers in some of the rooms that goes together with both the house and Helena and Nils taste.

But the house lacks water and, for example, a bathroom for the toilet. Slowly but surely, the house's old pantry transforms into a fully functional bathroom where they chose to install one of our Villa models, which also becomes a perfect nutritional asset to the dream of a beautiful garden with vegetation and plantations.


It will be exciting to follow the renovation of their house and garden, and se a new Björkhaga come to life!


Follow their renovation on instagram under the name @lillabjorkhaga