Installation of a Villa 9000

Installation of a Villa 9000 in a cottage without water or drainage

Toilet for a cottage without water

 There is a small cottage in Jockis, Finland, where there is electricity, but no running water or sewerage. The entire family loves spending time together in the cottage. It is only some 20 metres from the cottage to the outdoor toilet, but it has become harder for grandma to walk. In autumn 2016 the family sat beside the barbecue and decided to acquire an indoor toilet for the cottage, as comfortable and odour-free dry toilets are now available which also look like water toilets.

Choice of toilet and place for installation The cottage is only a little over 30 m2 and it was impossible to find room for the toilet inside the cottage. They consequently started considering the terrace or the veranda as possible places for the installation. It is a couple of steps down to the terrace, so the only alternative left was the veranda. There was a bit more room at the rear of the veranda, however, there were also two large windows which would have had to be replaced with smaller ones. If the toilet had been installed there, it would have been difficult to utilise the rest of the room effectively. The idea was left to ferment over the winter and during the first warm weekend in May the decision was taken to get started on the project as the right toilet had already been selected. The choice of toilet fell on a urine diverting Separett Villa 9000. The toilet fitted well into the space due to its price, appearance and capacity. The floor of the veranda was cleared and the toilet placed inside the room. A place was finally found that was suitable, in the corner directly to the right beside the outer door where there was previously a place for shoes and jackets etc. The toilet space was 75 cm wide and 95 cm deep wall to wall. The actual toilet is 46.5 cm wide and 67.2 cm deep.