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We provide toilet solutions to make life more comfortable for all! Decentralized toilet solutions for almost any aspect of life and geographical area. Well designed, user friendly and easy to maintain

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For more than 40 years we've designed toilets that aren't limited by water and/or sewage. Decentralized toilets solutions for almost any aspect of life and geographical area. Well designed, user friendly and easy to maintain

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Composting toilets

An easy and effective way to solve a problem while making the world a little greener!

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Electric toilets

An electric toilet takes care of all the waste - leaving only ash as residue

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Wolf Hollow - A unique off the grid camping experience


Gary is constructing a highly rated camping experience in the Catskill mountains in New York. A resort where body and soul are replenished with new energy through experiencing the beauty of nature, the sounds, the trees, murmuring water, the fresh air and the silence.

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Helena och Nils renovation of Björkhaga


A perfect place for a Separett Villa toilet. A building from 1938 which has not had any love in many, many years. However, in May this year, Björkhaga finally got new owners, Helena and Nils, who fell in love with the house and who are going to give it precisely the love it needs and deserves.

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Jake and Sophias Tiny house life


Here is a family which followed their calling, and left their semi-detached lives to live a simpler, more economical and environmentally-sustainable life in a Tiny house. It is located in Seattle Washington in Edgewood, USA, with their two daughters, one aged 5 and a little new born. They use our urine diverting toilet, Separett Villa, in their tiny home. Read their story, told by Jake the father in the house.

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Latest news

We are moving our servers friday 15th of february


Our HQ in Sweden is closed after lunch this friday.

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We are closed for Christmas

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are back in Place the 2nd january 2019.

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We support Active School


At Separett we think that it is important to give support and assistance.

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