Frequently asked questions

Urine separating toilets

The urine hose needs to be replaced. Which one do I need?
Urine drains away very slowly, is there something wrong?
Can the ventilation be run through a chimney stack?
Does the ventilation need to be insolated?
Do you need an extra fan if you have a shower in the room?
How much airflow does the fan create?
Which is the best method for routing the venting pipe, through the roof or straight through the wall?
Should the fan operate continiously?
Is there any risk of flies in the toilets?
Does the spreading of urine cause unpleasant odours?
Must the urine waste pipe contain a Ubend, water seal?
Are there unpleasant odours from the Separett Ejektortank?
Are there unpleasant odours from the leaching bed/soak-away?
Are there unpleasant odours outdoors?
Are there unpleasant odours indoors?
How is it possible that the container with solids so rarely has to be emptied?
How often should the toilet be emptied?

Incinerating toilets

Can I only use your incinerating bags?
How many persons can use your incinerating toilets?
Do I need to start an incinerating program after each use?
Is everything regarding installation included in the delivery?
Is it difficult to install your incinerating toilets?
Does a incinerating toilet require maintenance?
How much does a service cost on my incinerating toilet?
What is the energy consumption on a incinerating toilet?
What can I put in the incinerating toilet?
Can I use the incinerating toilet while it incinerates?
How many people can use the incinerating toilet after each other?
What do I do with the ashes?
How often do I need to empty the ashtray?

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